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“I Can’t Quit Diet Soda”

Of all of the addictions that I come into contact with as a health coach, I can tell you that diet soda is definitely among the top 3 (sugar, diet soda, caffeine).  When diet sodas first came out, they were touted as a weight loss tool.  I think it’s pretty clear by now that they are anything but.  So first, let me tell you all of the reasons you shouldn’t be drinking this stuff, then I will give you some great substitutes.


Drinking diet sodas is linked to:

  • Obesity – It actually increases sugar cravings.
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease (stroke, heart attacks, and vascular diseases)
  • Neurological issues (depression, anxiety, blurred vision, migraines, even seizures and multiple sclerosis)
  • Auto-immune illnesses (chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis)

Pretty, huh?  The ingredients in diet sodas include methanol, otherwise known as wood alcohol.  Once released into the bloodstream, this substance is metabolized into formaldehyde.  That’s right – embalming fluid.

I think it’s pretty obvious that you want to stay far away from this poison!  So just how do you break the addiction?  In my experience, there are a few things you will need to do.

  • First, realize that there will be a little pain involved.  But, these tips should help you through.
  • When you are feeling a craving come on, drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes to see if the craving disappears.
  • Employ the use of green smoothies.  Diet sodas and green smoothies don’t taste too well together!
  • Figure out a suitable substitute.  (This does not mean other artificial sweetener-laden drinks.  You have to watch out for this because most flavored soda waters contain artificial sweeteners).  What is it that you like most about diet soda?  Is it the carbonation?  100% Grape juice with lime La Croix or any 100% juice with plain soda water.  Or is it the “sweetness” that you like?  Brew some flavored tea, add honey while it’s hot, let it cool a minute and add ice.  Yes, honey – It’s a natural sweetener that has many health benefits when used in moderation.  If you need to use it to get over an artificial sweetener addiction, by all means, USE it!!!
  • If you are addicted to the caffeine, coffee with a little cream might get your through, or some green tea.
  • Another good substitute for carbonation is Kombucha.  Kombucha is a fermented tea that is flavored.  It has very little sugar content and is a natural anti-bacterial/anti-fungal.  You can find it at health food stores.  In Jackson, Prime Cuts carries it.  It’s a little on the spendy side, around $4/bottle.  But, you can drink 1/4 bottle per time.  It may be worth a try!

Chances are if you are addicted to diet sodas, you are also addicted to sugar.  In the following months, I will be holding a free tele-seminar about beating sugar addictions, so stay tuned!

Have you beat a diet soda addiction?  What worked for you?  Have you noticed anything different health-wise?

Much love & many blessings,

Jackie Warner Gets it Right!!!

When I saw that fitness trainer extraordinaire, Jackie Warner, came out with a “diet” book a while back, I have to admit I was so skeptical that I didn’t even give it a second glance.  I figured it would be yet another crash course on “How to Beat Yourself Up 101″.  I mean, with abs like those, come on!  However, yesterday I ran across an article of hers on

Get Healthy – - The Right Way - by Jackie Warner

 I am so excited to be writing for the Huffington Post after following it since its inception.

In compiling my first blog, I instantly thought about all of the political and socially relevant topics I would love to discuss, such as my fear of the banking system collapsing (I’m seriously considering stuffing my mattress), my fear of the decline of our educational system, and my fear of hyper-consumerism destroying the heart of America. That sounds like a lot of fear, but what comes with my concerns is a tremendous love and belief in Americans. I am in a unique position in that my television career has given me tremendous access to the masses. Everyday, people contact me with questions and share with me how they feel about themselves, what their struggles are and what really matters to them. I get a real sense that this country is in a mass depression (sky-rocketing anti-depressant and mood stabilizing sales back this up). There is such a feeling of being out of control, in the way of threats from other countries, fears about finances and issues about body image. It’s more important than ever in today’s uncertain society to take total control of the one thing that you can – your body and your health.

I’m writing this on the heels of a national tour in Australia funded by the egg farmers. Eggs happen to be one of my weight loss superstar foods, so I jumped at the opportunity to spread the word about them. It was the first time I had been to Australia and I found some surprising differences. Australians look like Americans. They drink like Americans; yet in terms of health knowledge and nutritional savvy, they are behind us. Where they are right with us is in weight gain and obesity numbers. It seems wherever fast food chains flourish and governments permit processed foods to be consumed, citizens pay a heavy price.

As a culture, the tide needs to start turning away from celebrity obsession and quick tips for how to get Jennifer Aniston’s butt or Cameron Diaz’s arms by summertime. People need to realize that being healthy means being balanced and happy. Finding happiness, not being a size 0, should be the goal for which we all strive.

Here in the States, we’re body obsessed and completely preoccupied with weight. We look up to celebrities and ask them about their diet and fitness regime as if they have the magic pill for a perfect body. But, if you had to be on a 50-foot screen, deal with paparazzi all day, and could afford delivery diets, chefs, and expensive personal trainers, wouldn’t you be fit and thin? It’s a performer’s job to be exemplary and to set themselves apart. Celebrities have that special star power that comes from inner confidence and sex appeal. Otherwise, we would not worship them like we do.

I challenge you to stop looking outward for your body ideal but to set realistic goals for your lifestyle. Don’t pull out a picture of Gisele and post it on your refrigerator. Instead, find a picture of yourself when you were happier with your body and look to that. If you have never had a good body image, focus on making your body the beautiful machine that was given to you. Your body is not your enemy. It is perfect and will naturally balance itself if you give it the right fuel and care.

I love giving exercise and diet tips. I will always include plenty in my blogs because I love talking to people about them. I truly believe that if you set just three simple, small goals for yourself, you will succeed in losing weight and getting more fit. Start with these three tips:

1) Drink three liters of water a day. Water helps to detoxify the liver. The liver is the number one organ responsible for metabolizing fat. An extra benefit is that water improves the skin.

2) Add nutrient dense, organic foods to your existing diet to produce significant weight loss. Make sure to consume two fruits, three to four veggies, two free range meats (poultry) or fish, two good fats (avocados, eggs) and two slow digesting carbs (quinoa, brown/wild rice or oatmeal) per day.

3) Always attach a fitness goal to a weight loss goal. Humans by nature are competitive. My clients get excited about workouts when I set a goal for them to attain each week. For example, find some stairs and time yourself running up and down 20 times; then beat your time each week. Grab a jump rope and try to jump for 100 rotations without stopping or go from five military style push ups to 20 by the end of a month. Even better for yourself and the world, enter a 5K run for charity.

The key is to keep it so simple that your brain has no excuse to sabotage. So if you are not a person that likes to cook, don’t get a “healthy cookbook”. You will last about two weeks and then naturally start defying the thing you don’t like to do. If you are someone who thinks they hate workouts, then don’t get an expensive gym membership. Instead, go online and look up classes that sound fun or that you’ve always secretly wanted to try like boxing or hip-hop dancing. You are more likely to stick with it if it’s not something you dread.

I changed my life by getting control of my body. I could never have achieved what I have without having the powerful energy that comes from feeling strong and sexy. I’m here to tell you that it is never too late and you are never too far gone to find your inner athlete and passion. As you do, you will open doors that you never thought possible and look at your life through new eyes!

Dear Jackie, Can you please forgive me?  From reading this article, I think you pretty much rock!

I’m off to check out your book to see how it can help my clients, as well as myself.

Much love & many blessings,


Baking Soda Rocks!

I love baking soda!  I sure do!  And before you to thinking I’ve lost it, let me explain why.  This substance is amazing!

  • It’s the easiest, non-toxic, most effective cleaner I know of.  I use it to scrub kitchen & bathroom.  It brightens and deodorizes!
  • Mix a couple of tablespoons with a couple of squirts of dish soap, a cup of hot water, and 1/4 cup white vinegar, and you have a great shower cleaner.
  • Sprinkle it on your carpet and let it set for a couple of hours, then vacuum for a great, non-toxic carpet freshener.
  • Place a dime-sized portion of baking soda in your palm, then add some of your cleanser.  You automatically have a great exfoliator!
  • Use it to make deodorant!

Check out this website for a few more uses :)

And stay tuned for the coconut oil edition!!!

Soul Carrot on the ROAD

I’m SO excited to announce that I will have a booth at Jackson’s Fall Women’s Expo!  If you haven’t been to a women’s expo in Jackson, you are missing out.  It’s fun, informative, and FREE!  Over 150 booths and an average of 1,500 visitors!  So, mark your calendars and let all of your friends and family know!  I also plan on doing some demos during that day that will be recorded and uploaded for those of you who don’t live nearby.

It’s only a month away, so I’ve already started preparing. My motto: “Go BIG or go HOME!”  I’ve got some great ideas.  We’re going to have  a huge giveaway.  And, of course green smoothie samples.  (My husband has already agreed to dress up as a carrot and pass them out…I’m just not sure I can let him humiliate himself in that way!  LOL!)  So, what would YOU like to see at the Soul Carrot Health Coaching booth?  What would make you stop and say, “Hi!“?