My Own Personal Challenge…

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Sometimes I can be….tenacious, persistent, persevering…Okay, that’s the light side of the dark side!  Honestly, I can just be downright stubborn.  (Guarantee you my husband is smiling as he’s reading this right now! – Aren’t you, Nathan?)

So, here’s the deal – Three days ago I got hit with an excruciating bout of otitis externa.  That title sounds way more threatening than swimmer’s ear!  lol!  Surprisingly, it feels like someone is stabbing me in the ear canal with appetizer skewers.  Not being dramatic at all…’cuz I’m not that either!

Anyway, feeling these not-so-gentle jabs in my ear every 30 seconds strangely has me thinking about hearing – about listening.  Yesterday was my 39th birthday.  I spent it on the couch praying for the pain to go away and thinking about what in my life have I been refusing to hear.  This is what I came up with:


  • SLOW DOWN!  TAKE A BREAK!  I’ve heard this for quite a while now, but have kinda REFUSED to listen!  I’m talking retreat.  I still need to figure out.  But, it involves days, not minutes.
  • Get back into the kitchen 100%  LOVE on your kitchen!  It will love you back!
  • Greens greens and more greens.  Did I say greens?  I do love my greens.
  • Start bringing yoga back into my workouts.  Start working out daily.  (This actually helps with slowing down).


  • Stop holding back on getting my music out there!  Stop being afraid of rejection…of the unknown.  Go full force.


  • “When people tell you who they are, believe them.” – Maya Angelou  Take this to heart….this is truer than true.
  • Stop pouring myself into people who are only in it for themselves.  Send them love & light & let them go.
  • Pour myself into people who are there for me.

What are you refusing to hear in your life?  What can you do to change that?

Much love & many blessings,

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Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

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Challenge #19 – Still Small Voice

The other day I was heading home from band practice.  It was late, I was tired.  I was driving on a one lane highway starting to go over a hill when I “heard”, “Christy, slow down.”  Then again quickly, “Slow down.”  It was not loud.  It was not urgent.  I quickly let up off of the gas and approached the top of the hill.  At that very moment, 2 motorcyclists passed the car in front of them and came into my lane.  If I had not heard, if I had not listened, if I had not obeyed, there is no doubt in my mind that they would have been dead & that I would have at the very least been hurt badly.  I immediately began thanking God!

This got me thinking, most of the time when we talk about being in touch with the “still, small voice”, we don’t think about it being life or death.  But, in this case, it most definitely was!

So, let’s keep this short & sweet.  How is your moment to moment relationship with God?  When we think of praying, we think about doing it before bed, or before a meal.  But, what about with every breath?  Are you too busy to hear?

What can you do this week to practice listening?  What if you choose a color & every time you see that color, think of God….thank God….breathe in & let go…listen to what God has to say to you.

However you see God, spirituality is a primary food.  It’s more important than the food we put in our mouths.  It “feeds” our soul.

What keeps you in contact with God?  I’d love to know :)

Much love & many blessings,

I Keep my Deodorant in the Refrigerator (Take II)

Today I ran out of deodorant & have to make more.  Don’t worry, I had enough to make it through Zumba, so if you see me, you shouldn’t have to stand too far away!  But, I thought I’d bring up an oldie, but goodie for you :)  Soon I will be offering a class on how to make your own natural skincare products!  Stay tuned!  You won’t want to miss it!


“You do WHAT?”

You read right!  I keep my deodorant in the refrigerator.  Why, you ask?  Well, here’s the deal – years ago I learned about how horrible deodorant is for our health, especially for women.  Commercial deodorants contain ingredients such as aluminum and parabens, both of which have been linked to breast cancer.  So, I started my journey trying to find a natural deodorant that actually worked.  My conclusion?  Well, you could probably smell it!  Half way through Zumba, I’d be stinking it up!

So, I thought, maybe I could *make* my own deodorant!  There has to be a way.  So, I googled “homemade deodorant recipe” and I found a coconut oil based recipe.   I thought, “What the heck!  I’ll give it a shot!  If it doesn’t work, at least it’s super cheap!”  I happened to have the ingredients on hand.  So, I found an old deodorant tube, cleaned it out, made the recipe, put it all together & stuck it in the refrigerator.

The next day would be the ultimate test – Zumba!  I made it out smelling tropical instead of toxical (Okay, I know that’s not a word.  But, it sounded better!)  I’ve never looked back.  I’ve even added yummy smelling essential oils to the mix.  If you’re not a fan of coconut smell, there is unscented coconut oil.  I think it’s best to buy organic coconut oil if you can.  I think you can buy coconut oil that is solid at room temps, but I just used what I had.

So if you’re ever at my house and look in my refrigerator, you won’t think I’ve totally lost it.  (Although I’m sure some of you reading this think I already have!)

(Not So) Weekly Challenge #18 – Who do you Love?

By this time, I’m well aware that my challenges have become, well….less than weekly :)  I hope you will forgive me.  Life has gotten much busier than I expected, all in good ways!  My health coaching business is BOOMING!  There is definitely no doubt in my mind that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing!  And what I’m doing is helping other people figure out & do what they know they’re supposed to be doing!  Hahaha!  Awesome!  I’m reminded of what Paulo Coehlo wrote in The Alchemist, “When you pursue your personal legend, the entire universe conspires for your success.”

Anyway, this last Saturday was amazing!  I had a booth at the local women’s expo.  Little did I know just how crazy wonderful this would be!  A friend of mine who has done this before gave me significant warning to be prepared.  So, every day for a month or so, all I did was prepare!  I got business cards, post cards, a banner, magnets, decorations, a gift basket…(All on sale, of course, ‘cuz that’s how I roll).

My husband was adamant that we give out “green smoothie” samples.  I didn’t think it would matter much, but gave in because he obviously saw something I did not.  And boy was he ever right!  In the end, we gave out close to 700 samples!  They were a HUGE hit!  Kids even loved them!

We also ended up signing up over 50 people for health & wellness evaluations, had over 1,000 register for the gift basket, met awesome people, and made connections with massage therapists, chiropractors, & even a school principle!

My favorite part of the day was when a woman came up to me and said, “I’m here to see the Soul Carrot.  Where’s the Soul Carrot?  Who’s the Soul Carrot?”  So cute!

I’m sure by now you’re wondering where the challenge comes in.  Well, here’s the deal.  I can tell you 100% right now that I could not have done this as successfully without my Soul Carrot Team.  Yes, I was prepared.  I had details nailed down to green pens to write with.  But, my Team surrounded me, lifted me up, helped me shine.  Connie with her amazing decorative eye.  Sarah with her bright smile & fabulous fearlessness.  Nathan with his charm & hotness (He’s my husband.  I can say that)!  Kate with her warm & welcoming spirit!  Stephen with his camera & tallness (He hung up my banner for me)!

I am blessed with great friends and KNOW it!  But let me tell you, this has not been on accident.  I heard a quote a long time ago that has stuck with me.  I’m not even sure where it came from, but it makes so much sense – “Go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated.”

So, this week I want you to think about your relationships.  Who lifts you up?  Welcome them.  Spend more time with them.  Invest in them.  Who brings you down?  You might want to consider backing away a bit.

It’s a wonderful feeling to have such wonderful friends.  I hope you all can, do, will, experience that feeling as well :)

Much love & many blessings,